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Throughout my life people have come and gone however some have always remained in my heart.

The other day I thought I would write some Sci-Fi. I wrote down some character and plot ideas. Then I realised I was just rewriting Farscape. FRELLING DREN!



These images have been doing the rounds for a while now with the tag ‘TOPH IS ROLLING OVER IN HER GRAVE’. However would Toph really be rolling in her grave?

I am currently learning a new martial art and these images came into my mind while I was learning new stances and footwork. When learning a new style it is crucial to get the fundamentals correct because they underpin all later techniques.

Toph knows that Aang’s mindset is completely different to that of an Earthbender. Earth is the “natural opposite” to Air. Aang’s “avoid and evade” tactics are not going to be of use “Rock is a stubborn element. If you’re going to move it, you’ve got to be like a rock yourself.” Toph (bitter Work). When Aang fails to move the rock and suggests “Maybe there’s another way. What if I came at the boulder from a different angle?” Toph strongly reprimands Aang “No, that’s the problem. You’ve got to stop thinking like an Airbender. There’s no different angle, no clever solution, no trickity trick that’s going to move that rock. You’ve got to face it head on.”

It is worth noticing that when Toph is teaching Aang she uses a classical Earthbending (Hung Gar) stance as opposed to her own stances that tend to be much higher. Which reminds a quote by Master Gichin Funakoshi (the founder of Shotokan Karate) “Beginners must master low stances and posture, natural body positions are for the advanced.”
Talking of higher stances brings me round nice to Bolin’s approach.

Bolin’s fighting style has been strongly influenced by the sport of Pro-bending. Pro-bending is governed by rules which restrict the Earthbender to bending regulation rock discs. This limits the Earthbender both offensively and defensively, the Earthbender is unable to employ the classic tactic of enduring the enemies’ attack until the time is right to attack. Although we do see Bolin occasionally using a rock disc as shield during the matches, the protection offered is very limited. The Earthbender has to employ a more evasive tactic otherwise he is going to be a “sitting turtle-duck” especially in a two or three to one barrage. We have no knowledge of Bolin’s training but his style is so similar to Mako’s that he was either trained by or with Mako. It is worth noting that both brothers use demonstrate more classical bending techniques outside of the Pro-bending arena. There is no doubt in my mind that the brothers would have also learnt bits and pieces from the Triple Threat Triad which I am sure would not have been particularly orthodox either. How you train is how you fight so it would be only natural for the brothers to blend the classical and Pro bending styles.

True mastery of a bending art is achieved when the bender is able to adapt to different circumstances and environments. An accomplished bender knows when to bend and break the rules taught to the beginner. Toph did this in her battle with the wrestlers of the Earth Rumble VI using evasive movements to her advantage. Toph would have also adapted her style to fit in with modern city life, as you can’t go throwing big blocks of rock about in the city. I think Toph would have enjoyed Pro-bending for what it is, a sport.

This is really interesting!  Especially since I watched a couple of people ragequit in the first season because the brothers didn’t bend “properly”, and that seemed to overlook a lot of the character histories that are discussed here.

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This season’s hottest new game



Take the role of young Avatar Korra as she sets out to make a name for herself in Republic City in this exciting new game by Nickelodeon Studios!

Gameplay features include:


Four bending dispiclines with which to put posers in their place!


Ride a goddamn giant dog, holy shit!


Incremental response from the authorities towards unlawful behavior, culminating in giant zeppelin chases!

"Asfh-kshdaskj-jkagsaskal!" — Kyoshi Island Game Press

Thank you for the submission, LORd!

So want this to be made!

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Chinese astronauts practice Tai Chi in space by Zoomin_Canada



Chinese astronauts aboard the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft practice Tai Chi in space.

via Zoomin TV Canada

The best part is the person doing tai chi upside down in the back. Amazing.

Playing with ‘star’ hands
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Hello Mr Day-Care Man, please can I deposit my Lv 12 (adolescent) son and collect him when he reaches Lv 21. Thank you.

Hello Mr Day-Care Man, please can I deposit my Lv 12 (adolescent) son and collect him when he reaches Lv 21. Thank you.

“When the world is a peace, a gentleman keeps his sword by his side.”
Wu Tsu

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"We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." 
Japanese Proverb


"We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."
Japanese Proverb

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"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

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